Everend The Owl Exploration Game

Explore a vast underground world, find your way home.

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Explore a vast, ancient cave and overcome its many obstacles as Kaia, an adolescent owl.

With a sudden volcanic eruption shattering your world, you were torn away from both family and home by fire, singeing your wings and casting you down from the rest of your flock. You wake up alone, washed deep down into what appears to be a gigantic cave. You have not yet learned to fly, and must traverse through complex caves using what few items you could find. Many obstacles stand in your way, but with a little cleverness, and a lot of bravery you can live your own legend, and perhaps rediscover some forgotten ones as well.


Immerse yourself in the environments and creatures of a unique subterranean world, rich with detail and character.


Enjoy engaging environmental puzzles, and piece together the story of the ancient ruins through riddles and cave paintings.


Connect with a loveable character as she makes her way back home, and uncover the dark backstory of her own ancestors's journeys.


Everend is playable on both Mac OSX and Windows operating systems, proudly built using the Unity Game Engine #madewithunity

Releasing Today!

Our game will be released at midnight, as a proof of concept for a further developed game. Follow us on our social media for more information!

General Info

Everend is a single-player, exploration driven, 3D puzzle platformer.

Gameplay and Trailer Videos

Are you more of a 'believe it when you see it' sort of person? Well then, see our story and gameplay for yourself below! Enjoy!

If light is in your heart, your will find your way home.


There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.

Leonard Cohen

In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.

Francis Bacon

Our Featured Concept Work

Our team is lucky to have some very talented concept artists, whose work has helped to bring our visions of Everend to life. We have some concepts of Kaia, the caves, and other game features below for you to enjoy. We hope you find them as beautiful as we did!

See more at our concept art pinterest page!

Our Team; The Good Folk of Strix Game Studio

As we all know, birds of a feather, flock together. This team consists of 12 senior Game Design students from the University of Wisconsin Stout, with an even split between 3D artists and programmers. There may be other people contributing to other aspects of Everend, such as sound/music, but they will be credited and mentioned as they appear. So without further ado, here are the members of Strix Game Studio.

From The Blog

Check out our wordpress,, to read posts about our development process, get to know our team a bit better, and keep in the loop about our progress in making Everend.

Kaia's Spelunking Gear

If you are an owl needing to explore a cave, you will require some specialized equipment. Between the various cave denizens, ancient puzzles, and the treacherous cave environment, our hero needs to keep on her toes and use whatever she can to help her along. Luckily Kaia has it all figured out:

Read more about Kaia and how she was designed in our Meet Kaia blog post!

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